• The purpose and prime objective of establishing “Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club” is to develop a sense of belongingness, confidence and a will to live happily amongst senior citizens, who somehow feel isolated and carry a feeling of being neglected.
  • The main objective of the trust is to help the poor and needy sr. citizens by providing them financial, medical & material assistance.

  • It shall endeavour to take adequate and effective measures for all-round health care and welfare of senior citizens together with providing a platform to the elder citizens for utilization and use of their valuable experience, talents and abilities for the benefit of the society.

  • To provide free legal aid to the senior needy and poor persons for the redressal of their grievances at the concerned forums.

  • To organise cultural programs related to art, music, songs, painting, handicrafts and also sports, indoor and outdoor activities.

  • To promote the human values in education system for coming generation and help financially talented younger generation in pursuits of their education.

  • To emphasise the importance of “Yoga” and experience its advantages over mind and body to attain complete peace and spiritual power for stress control and a value based life.

  • More than half, the country’s population lives in villages and to target the village areas for creating awareness and sense of affinity besides their development.

  • To encourage Day Care Activity Centres as against Old Age Homes.