Come let us adopt them

Old age is a bitter truth of life. Old age and poverty make life miserable. At this age, failing vision, joint aches, diabetes, blood pressure, Alzheimer, walking stick, wheel chair, spectacles, and operation of eyes all become a part and parcel of their lives. On top of that, near and dear ones often desert these elderly people. Each and every wrinkle on their face have some or the other experience to narrate. Will we be justified, if we leave these elderly people to strive for themselves at this hour of crisis when they need their near and dear ones by their side? Today, many senior citizens of well to do families feel insecure even after having all facilities at their disposal. People who have retired from service are often faced with severe problems of neglect and isolation. As soon as these senior citizens retire from service, they are ignored by family members, near and dear ones and by society members. This often becomes a cause for these poor souls to go into a phase of depression. We belong to the country of Shri Ram and Shravan where there is no need of Old Age Ashrams but Day Care Activity Centres. These senior citizens just require love and respect, a forum where they can remain healthy, hale and hearty. Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club (Society) is such a forum where senior citizens, both happy and sad, meet, share their views and thoughts and participate in competitions. They prefer to follow the age old ideologies of Naun (praise), Maun (talk minimum) and Kaun (non-interference). They shower blessings all the way.

Come, let us join hands and create a forum where these elderly people can participate and get rid of their loneliness and boredom. Let us adopt the needy senior citizens. It is not necessary to take them to our homes. A mere contribution of Rs. 1000/- per month will help them to cater to their needs of medicine and food. It takes a minute for our children to spend Rs. 1000/-  on fast food, such as pizzas and burgers. It is necessary that these children be moulded  in such a manner that they willingly part with a small amount from their pocket money. It might help in shaping somebody’s future. In return they along with their subsequent generations would be benefitted with blessings. It is high time that we teach our children that the place where they stand on today, these senior citizens also treaded on the same platform yesterday. Also, the place where these elderly people stand today, the present generations would be occupying the same dais tomorrow.  Come let’s adopt an elderly person by contributing Rs. 1000/- only per month. Let us keep these senior citizens actively engaged in life and see the smile on their faces. It is a sincere request to all to contribute a small part of their salary to Varishth Nagrik Romesh Chandra Trust and earn blessings from these senior citizens. Let us try to see that these people are provided with care and respect at home, family and society. Come let us walk with those who taught us to walk. They are not the dust of feet but pride to be bestowed on forehead.

The contribution to VRIDH KESARI ROMESH CHANDER TRUST is eligble for deduction under Section 80-G of the IT ACT.

Certification No. DIT (E) 2008-2009 /V -640 /1218 dated 31-07-2008