Enhancing Health and Well-being

We believe in uniting the families and not dividing them and substantial results have been achieved in this regard. Our Mission is that no one at this age should feel insecure or helpless and in this regard, we have succeeded so far in uniting about 200 Families by developing a confidence and trust between the elders and youngsters.

While, notable features of its activities include health care back up thorough Check Up Camps organized  under the aegis of the well known established Medical Institutions of Delhi, the activities like Fancy Dress Competitions, Song & Dance Competitions, Debate Competitons, Cultural programme & even Fashion Shows performed with total involvement of the senior citizens

Entertainment programmes

Entertainment programmes including Song & Dance competition etc. and Fashion Shows participated & performed by Sr. Citizens

Religious Programmes

Like Mahamrityunjay Paath, Amritvani, Kirtans, Sai Bhajan are also being organized by club for sr. citizens from time to time.

Places Visit

Sr. Citizen’s Visit to Akshardham & Vrindavan and various other places

Fashion Shows

Orzanized Fashion Shows by the senior citizens making them appear at the Ramps, dressed up in different cultural and traditional outfits.

Comedy Shows

Comedy Shows participated & performed by the senior citizens

Campaigns for awareness

Launched campaigns to create awareness amongst the senior citizens about their rights etc.

Counseling sessions

with: Dr. Kiran Bedi, Director General, Homeguards similar well known personalities/dignitaries in their respective fields Dr. K. K. Paul, the then Commissioner of Police, Delhi.

Financial & material assistance

Issuance of Blue Card to needy senior citizens entitling them to monthly financial & material assistance

Health Camps

VNKC hosts health camps tailored for seniors, ensuring they receive specialized care and attention. Free check-ups, consultations, and wellness tips promote their well-being.

The introduction of a Unique Concept, for the first time in India of Adoption of senior citizens by the individuals / families has been a benchmark of the Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club and 350 (Three hundred & fifty only) senior citizens have been adopted. As being implemented successfully speaks high of the recognition it has got the nationwide.  
The concept being a senior citizen / citizens being adopted by an individual / family whereby the senior citizens are provided care for their livelihood medicines and other essentials without even taking them home.  Also Monthly Financial & Material Assistance is being provided bu us to needy and deserving senior citizens.

More than half of the country’s population lives in villages and that is why we have targeted the village areas for our members and opened a branch at Katlupur Village, Sonepat, Hyderabad, Narela and 20 branches all over Delhi.