Not the Dust of the Steps but Glory of the Forehead

"कदमों की धूल नहीं माथे की शान"

An Introduction

A dream and a vision of Smt Kiran Chopra taking the shape of a reality “Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club” has been established under the auspices of “Vridh Kesari Romesh Chander Trust”, constituted in memory of the great Martyrs and Nationalist Late Lala Jagat Narain ji and Late Sh. Romesh Chander ji who lost their lives fighting against terrorism through their pen and the columns of the newspapers. Sh. Romesh Chander was founder of the Shaheed Parivar Fund. Out of this fund, the group has always stood by, at the time of all National calamities, wars, earthquakes, floods, droughts etc. occurring in various parts of the country and in the process, has contributed both materially and financially.

The purpose and prime objective of establishing “Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club” is to develop a sense of belongingness, confidence and a will to live happily amongst senior citizens, who somehow feel isolated and carry a feeling of being neglected.

The main objective of the trust is to build up moral and confidence amongst this class of people and make them spent their old age time merrily with satisfaction, having a feeling of security both mentally and physically besides creating health awareness amongst them and providing medical and financial assistance in deserving cases. It has been named as a Club because the senior citizens should get associated with it with a great sense of affinity and affection rather than feeling inferiors in any manner whatsoever. This Club is a forum where people of all caste and creed get together and share their feelings and sentiments. It is a mixture of various classes being poor, rich, happy & unhappy.

Smt. Kiran Chopra who want to ensure that these noble and tender souls who have sacrificed whole of their lives for the sake of their family and the society, should not feel dismayed, frustrated, helpless and alone at the fag end of their life and she has to a larger extend been successful in achieving the objective.